Exterior cracks help!

Hi bought a house and recently neighbors houses started getting horrible cracks. I am worried that my house will get it too. What could this be? Is there a way to fix this? How should people proceed with handling this (who would they call?)

I have not talked to my neighbors since it is a hard subject to bring up but now I am getting worried this could happen to my house too. Of about a two hundred houses forty houses have some level of cracks in their houses. I have attached pictures of the most noticeable. Please help, and thank you.

Where are you located?

Lakeland fl

Lakeland Florida.

Lakeland Florida

You’re asking for advice on something that hasn’t happened yet? Or are you asking what the neighbor should do?
If we had crystal balls, I’m sure all of us would be doing something other than inspecting homes.
My advice, r-e-l-a-x.

This same builder Highland Homes is building 260 more houses in a new part of my neighborhood and several neighborhoods in my city. I have a problem living in a neighborhood with houses with horrible cracks. I also have a problem if the builder hasnt resolved this problem and build more houses like this. Not only my property value will go down but its down right morally wrong. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it if not thank you anyways.

Take your pick:

A. Move
B. Keep worrying about foolish things that you have no control over and the possible detrimental health effects that worriedness brings
C. Stop worrying and enjoy your current home, family, and life

There are inspectors that specialize in Stucco and EIFS that may be able to review the system and installation on your home. An inspection by a specialist that has access to your home may be a good option for gaining more information about your home.

Agree. The subcontractor used may have cut corners that the Builder did not oversee, or there are any number of reasons for the defects. Being proactive may save you a headache down the road. Research the Builder for a history of stucco complaints in your area. Be sure you call a Stucco/Eifs Specialist for an analysis of your home. Expect to pay some $$$ for proper testing/analysis. If you ‘cheap out’, you will get exactly what you pay for. Good luck.

Thank you for the advice. I contacted a stucco person to check my house since I have a 2 story and in Fl after 10 yrs I can no longer file legal action against the builder. My house is 9 yrs old. I looked at my wall more closely and found cracks. Thank you for all the help. thank god I didnt R-E-L-A-X and looked closely at my walls instead. I called a construction lawyer and will be getting my house tested.

How do you get inspections with an attitude like that and giving that kind of advice to a home owner? Wow!

My apologies, Eleni. Sometimes I can be quick to judge (and/or type). Stucco and neighborhoods/houses all built by the same company is obviously not my specialty. Didn’t mean to come off in such a brash way. Hope everything works out for you.

I’m human.
Sometimes I say or do things that aren’t right or are dumb. I make mistakes all the time. I’m an imperfect person and live in an imperfect world. I learn things every single day - professionally, personally, & spiritually. I’m not afraid to own up, admit wrongdoings, apologize, forgive, make amends, etc.

It’s easy for people to take things the wrong way when reading them instead of talking to someone face to face.

Bravo, Joshua…