Exterior faucets...defect?

Would you call it out if the pressure on an exterior faucet was > 80 psi? It branched off prior to the regulator. The rest of the house was < 80 psi.

Would you call it out as a defect if the “main water shutoff” didn’t actually shut off all the water (exterior faucets)?

Yes, I would!

Yes, I would too.

Seen a few like that… large properties that contain several exterior hose bibbs that were off regulator to gain extra pressure, but sill able to be shut down… note condition and let the client decide

Obviously there are some concerns there, but, I imagine some of the rural properties are going to leave it that way unless the pressure was thru the roof.

Yes. I would recommend a pressure reducer.

Pressure, no. Most clients actually like that set up.
Main shut that does shut off all water faucets, yes.