Exterior Finish/siding--Opinions Please


Built in 1890…reno in 2007…

I have not come across this type of exterior finish before…
Sellers told my client it is stucco…
Found a small broken off piece on the porch roof. It is heavy for it’s size, and feels and looks just like mortar…
It appears to be coming off/separating in large areas. Cracks on all exterior walls. Due to extensive reno, no evidence on interior walls. Interior walls are plumb. There is some cracking in the foundation, not as severe, in general area of the larger wall cracks.

Basically… is this considered stucco…or ???

Your opinions and comments would be appreciated…:smiley:

Looks like a stucco type of application used to cover a multitude of sins…recommend repairs.

That vertical crack in the first picture quite likely results from water getting iinto the wall due to the lack of kick-out flashing at the roof-wall junction above - lack of a kick-out is a Bad Sign as regards the general quality of the work.



With a very time consuming texture.

From a distance kinda looks like weeping mortar brick job.

Thank you everyone…

And yes, even up close, it look and feels like weeping mortar.

Have a great weekend everyone :smiley:

What is the material underneath? Almost looks like foundation parging. Hard to tell from a pic.