Exterior inspection

When inspecting the exterior, do you do a complete inspection of all of the components such as HVAC and just move around in your software? Or do you make notes and then complete your inspection when you come upon it in the order of your inspection?

Whatever works best for you, Steve.

I did my inspections the same on every house e.g. start clockwise outside and complete the exterior because I didn’t like to back track, if at all possible. The same for the inside.

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Thank you Larry. I’m new to this industry and will be looking for all the help I haven’t completed one inspection yet and looking at which tools to invest in?

What Larry said :+1:

I used to follow my software to the letter. But doing so often forced me to run back and forth from the inside to outside to check on HVAC, electrical ground, gas lines, dryer vent, etc. I wasted a lot of time and energy. Now I take all my exterior related photos at once. I find that when I do finally go in to check the interior, 75% of my work is done. Saves me time.

Very helpful Scott and makes perfect sense. Thanks

I agree with Larry on routine. Except I go counter-clockwise. It seems dumb, but leading with my right eye instead of my left feels more natural.

In my opinion, going back and forth in my tablet is a lot easier and efficient than running all over to follow a script. I also think that running back and forth would give the buyer and agent the perception that you are uncomfortable with what you are doing and forgetting things.

I’m so impressed with the support here! It’s invaluable if you’re not from the industry!

Me too! I always blamed it on my left-handedness.

That’s interesting as I am right handed.

I go clockwise and counter-clockwise, because I`m a left handed Frenchmen…

So you go both ways?

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Actually, I go 3 times around, 2 times on my own (clockwise and counter-clockwise) and one time with the client…

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Funny, Jeff! At least my mind went there. :rofl: :joy:

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