Exterior light OK??

What do you guys think of this?

Not that it matters, but the house is off the grid and the light is fluorescent, but it is a 120V circuit.



Looks like crap, the wire isn’t secure, etc etc. Home owner install.

Yep your right on. It’s a light, Fluorescent, screw in, Yellow 12 gauge romex, to a 4" metal box with a connector. Does the door hit it when it opens, or is that the angle of the picture causing that appearance. How did you figure out it was a light? Did you turn it on? :smiley:
Forgot it must have that invisible conduit I have been hearing about for the wire run. or is it attached with one hole air clamps? :smiley:

It’s pretty obvious that door swings in. :smiley:

yea no kidding Brian! :shock:

hey Rick did you have some crabby pills for lunch?

Scott is a great guy and he always makes posts that
are worth reading!


In Canada of grid or not all electrical installation have to be up to code and
must pass inspection.
Yes I agree with the others .
When I see this I wonder what the rest of the home is like not only the electrical. .
Many Flourscents do not fire up very good outside in the cold weather.

Roy Cooke

Yes I had a DOUBLE helping that day. Sorry. Should have kept my fingers shut. :frowning:

Just wondering what you guys think about that porch overhang. Looks like the same guy who installed the light may have had a hand it that.

Nice…so we have an improperly supported box ( only one side is screwed in ) and some poorly routed 12 AWG…lol…ala Harry Husband Homeowner playing Electrician for a day.