Exterior Lighting Is Excluded By IN SOP

Very common in the farmlands in these parts. They’re not just for city folk anymore. They are heavily utilized on private farms, the bigger the operation, the more in operation.

Well, didn’t realize we were talking about FarmLand Lighting, hell, I was born on FarmLand.
I am talking about regular lighting like it started. :slight_smile:

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That was my point, many are out of reach.

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Sorry Marcel, but the OP hasn’t established anything yet.

Nowhere has he indicated anything, thus my first post asking for more details.

We’re all just throwing stuff out there until he returns and provides more information.

Jeff, I, the OP, did establish exactly the point I was trying to:

We are not required to inspect Exterior Lighting of any kind, according to the IN SOP.

Recently I inquired to fastreply for a clarification on this issue and was told we are not req’d to inspect ANY lights installed on the exterior of a house.


I’ve seen some pretty extensive and elaborate exterior lighting systems. I typically disclaim all lighting that is not attached to, or part of the structure lighting.

My reports include the following disclaimer;

We do not inspect or evaluate decorative lights, low voltage lighting, yard lights or any other lighting systems that are not directly attached to the residence structure.

My bad for being not being so literal to include all types of exterior lighting in my first read of your post and asking for clearification! :mrgreen:

I think it ludicrous to not include a standard attached porch light as required to be inspected. No different than inspecting an exterior receptacle, IMO.

I agree with not “requiring” any other lighting system. My guess is it would be too awkward to differentiate them in the SOP, so it’s simpler to not require any of them at all.