Exterior lighting on some kind of transformer

Second question from my resort house today from 1991 and all of the exterior lights, which consisted of can lights, wall sconces, a chandelier all seem to be tied into what I assume are transformers in the attic. I have never ever seen this before does anybody have any information on this? This is doing a lot of updates finished updates. I think this is the transformer I could hear in the attic I would turn on the switch and hear a loud clunk or really loud click in the house from the attic. I think this is what I heard but I’m not sure as I was there alone. Is this just some kind of old-school lighting thing or a high-end thing??? The video is me turning on and off the light switch. Just a standard light switch.

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Looks like someone used that transformer to power either 12 or 24 volt lighting. It’s normal for it to make a thud when first energized.