Exterior Periscope Type Dryer Vent

Anyone knows of a company that manufacture/supply exterior periscope type dryer vent wall dampers?

Why as an HI would you probe a dryer vent?
It is usually enough for me to just reach in there and get a hand full of lent.


Get over it, Lent is over…


Thanks Bruce but that is not an exterior type…

Never seen one outside the walls of the home Marcel, why would you bother these are for confined spaces the homes can’t be that close together.

I’ve seen them a few times where the dryer exhaust was too close to grade.

Installing a periscope type vent is the ideal solution.

The one in the pic is for combustion air but you get the idea.

Used so you can get tight to a wall in a closet.

I ordered an up flow type on line… I can’t remember exacty where but there were a lot of places that offered them… also the local ace hardware said they could order them in in a few days.

Ok I get the use to raise the exhaust above grade. So if round pipe is just too ugly just box it in with trim. or use an 90 angle boot and convert to 3x10 galvanized duct, cap that and seal with rtv sealant, use an exterior primer and paint, secure to wall, and install vent hood, done.

Yea, Lent is over, but Lint is a problem if not cleaned regular basis.