Exterior Shower light

So because the AHJ says nothing that makes it all good?.

For crying out loud we have porches collapse and kill people weeks after approval of the AHJ around here so if you inspect you would just leave it be and not write up anything the guy approved?

They have no liability but you do.

Tell me what the issue is, Bob. I’ve never seen any water in any fixture installed in this manner. I’ve never seen corrosion on the wiring connections. I’ve never moved a metal fixture after a rain storm and seen any moisture at all.

None of the outdoor fixtures at either house today were caulked. I can’t even think of the last time I saw an outdoor light fixture caulked to the masonry. I do see it on frame construction, and would expect to.

The issue is that you need to keep out water intrusion to prevent brick and mortar damage along with associated spalling, efflorescence,not to mention insect entry.


I suggest you make use of this info for the report.

So water doesn’t enter electrical penetrations in masonry but does enter the same holes in wood based sidings???

I agree with Bob. The top of all exterior light fixtures should be sealed. It’s an NEC requirement. (Please don’t make me look it up.)

Could that light be installed in an interior shower? What’s the difference?

Is the circuit even GFCI protected? What’s to keep someone from resting their hand on it while they fondle, I mean wash, themselves?

This is what I see…

I would call it out as being within the shower area. Would you trust your life to a luminary made by the chicoms?

That type of fixture is likely permitted in the shower zone. There are a few factors here:
1-Forget the shower for a moment, is the location wet or damp?
2-Is it subject to shower spray?
3-Is it permitted in the shower zone?
4-Is GFCI protection required?

1-If the location is wet then the fixture is required to be listed for wet locations. If it’s location is covered by a roof then the location is damp.
2-IMO it is not subject to shower spray therefore if this is a damp location then only a damp location fixture is required.
3-Wall mounted fixtures are permitted in the shower zone if damp or wet listed. Wet location fixtures are required if subject to shower spray.
4-GFCI protection is not required for fixtures in the shower zone unless the fixture manufacturer requires it as part of the listing of the fixture.

You did see that wall mounted fixtures are ok in the graphic above?

Larry’s illustration shows the light outside the immediate shower area. That’s not my interpretation of the OP’s exterior light. You wouldn’t be wrong to disagree. It’s a judgement call.