Exterior Step/Handrail Question

I will say I have never pointed out extension atop a newel post in post 1960 homes. I see them as ornamentation. Can they be a hazard? Anything can be a hazard.
Your opinion Kevin.

No as long as the extension does not have a loose top. Sometimes I find that they are loose but only point out that they should not be used to grasp or hold your weight. What I find everywhere here is the 2x4 up on edge or flat for a handrail. I always mention that a 2x4 is not graspable. They sell graspable ones that can be screwed onto the top at lumber yards as an easy fix.

I have never seen them in hard wood and turnings or finals Kevan
The softwood Burch, Pine and other wood species for exterior wood works will not match the lathe worked ballasted grade. It is not easy to fashion mortgage button or finals.
Square finals I have made with a several wood working tools but lathes I have never tired. I did not do that fine a finishing. Dam nice work and you needed a good mentor from England IMO.

Yes I did point out to my client that this is not an easy repair to the finish of these stairs inside. Not sure what they were thinking when designing but it sure was not safety.

Its is not the original design I imagine.
Manufacturing for one and trades skills and lastly maintenance has taken part in the death of the residential home.
Cost more to build but cheaper in equivalence for manufacturing the goods over seas. Shiped back as pieces using our own raw materials or so they;)

Government are told while being lobbied fists fulls of money it all for the good of the population while the 1% get richer and the middle-class shrinks.

Cash jobs because of any excuse to avoid civic duty, and the rush to listen to real estate agents lies of, do not listen to the home inspector. I know someone that can do it for half the cost and cash.

All this Witnessed all my life but never at an accelerate pace as we see today.
All the best buddy.
It is a rush for greed.

PS: The PQ just found 100,000 new wealthy in Quebec,
How you ask?
By lowering the income level of the defined wealthy to grab 1 billion in tax revenues for provincial purse…

That is 3 billion dollars of less in less than 3 weeks in office.
1 billion for the 200 dollar role back of medicare. anyone earning 100,00 or more makes up the difference.
1 billion for the nuclear power plant she said she would not close if she got elected. much more than 1 billion by the way. A region well suffer. 50 years to close the site.
1 billion from the new rich. HA HA HA.
can anyone spare a dime?