Exterior wall finish failing

Anyone have experience with http://www.decopierre.com/en/presentation.php

I’ll most likely be doing an investigation/inspection to determine why the system is apparently failing.

I’ll post more as info as it’s obtained and of course post photos if I’m/when hired.

I’ve seen it applied and the finished product but can’t find installation spec data. I’ll contact the distributor for that unless someone has it handy.

I have house sitting duty today waiting for the new DW, free delivery and install, my bride got for our anniversary. So feel free to call.


FYI: Here’s a product that gives the same or better looks as the spray-on with a lot less potential future problems, IMO- Stonetile

Don’t know if it’s in your area yet.

Gives you something to do while waiting!!


Thanks for the info, the wait is over, I’ll be doing this tommorrow morning.

Right now I’m performing the Acid Test on the new DW and trying to soak up some rays pool side.

It’s got to be 80°F plus right now. The water is 65°F so we have a chillin’ contrast going on.

Barry, I’m in tears with your suffering in this 80 degree weather and your pool side aches. ha. ha. :wink:

It is 48 degrees here and falling quick. We have one good thing, No bugs. :slight_smile:

This sounds like an interesting product and never seen it.
What would make it fail to the structure? Improper attachment to the structure?

How will you be able to tell? In watching the video, it appears to be a hard one to investigate.

Let us know what you find.


Marcel :slight_smile:

You are banned from posting this type of info during our late fall/winter!!! It’s 40 deg here with cold rain and very grey and weary with still a bit of snow on the ground from a surprise Nor-easter on Saturday night that killed power again for thousands. Had the hurricane /tropical storm Noel do the same a couple of weeks ago.

You can start posting weather info again in May!!

Marcel’s right, Brian. Most bugs are so big in Texas you have to kill them with a baseball bat. If you find a real big one you can hitch him up to one of those little pony wagons and teach him to trot.


What was the problem?

No further comments can be made by me in this public forum.
After today’s meeting and inspection I will be retained in the very near future.