exterior yard mercury contamination ???

Got a call from an agent that I did an inspection for, sellers say the yard is contaminated with mercury from the past. Sounds a little fishy. Has anyone ever dealt with something like this? Is there a way to test the yard for mercury?
Doing search online doesn’t come up with much.
Any help or info would be much appreciated.:roll:


did u google

Who told them was contaminated? Check EPA.gov

Sure you can test for mercury.
You can also test for a lot of other things.
But I assume you were there for a home inspection and not
environmental soil testing, correct?

Lets say the soil is contaminated, what does that have to do with
you and your home inspection?

Thanks for the input.
This was a question from the agent after the inspection, not part of the inspection.
Seller is possibly trying to kill the deal or something fishy.
Looked up all the labs I work with and they only test for mercury in water.
Was just looking for something to share with the agent.
Thanks for the help, inspect on everyone.