External Hard Drive

Currently I am running HomeGauge on a fairly cheap HP with minimal memory as I use a Macbook for non-work related internet usage. I have an external Terabyte Hard Drive to store needed memory which brings me to my question.

Am I doomed with this set-up?

Is there a way to keep the homegauge folder on the external and have Homegauge communicate with it the same way as it would when it communicates to it in the documents folder?

Im not even sure if Im asking this question correctly, hence me providing so much background information. I appreciate anyone’s help. Thank you.

I believe the default location for HG is the C drive. I tried putting it on my D drive and it got confused.

I know there is an advanced folder options feature that you can use to tell the software where to look (for a home or business network for example). Open HG software and at the top menu line select options advanced folder options. Please be advised that you need a level of expertise to try this out and to revert back if it doesn’t work.

Thanks Russell! (and Frank)… I’ll let you all know how it goes…

Alright, for anyone else who wishes to do this. I made this much harder than it needed to be. I over thought the process when I went to the Advanced Folder options, closed HomeGauge and moved the folder and all of its contents to the External (D:) Drive. This was a disaster and I had to uninstall and reinstall the program.

Just by doing exactly what Russell said, following the program’s instructions and telling it where you want to put the contents, it does it all for you.

So to recap, simply go to Options, then Advanced Folder options, then tell it where you want the contents to go, type YES when prompted, and you’re good to go. Hope this helps someone.