Extinguished At COA ORL?

Interesting to note that the 2 main leaders of the “Distinguished Society” were nowhere to be seen after the first couple of days.:o

Interesting to note, that one was still there and watched the booth the last day, so the booth was manned all the time. It is also interesting to note, that one was teaching the last day and was told it was the best classes of the week. The other DIS members had work to do even though their crews were working on the days that they were there. It might also be interesting to note that some of the “employees” of the DIS members were there in attendance also and they still had crews attending their clients. It is finally interesting to note that several people applied to the DIS. It is more interesting to note that people are watching.

Wow. That’s a lot of very interesting stuff to note!:slight_smile:

Is that thief Dingleberry a DIS member?
Or did you guys dis him for his latest COE and criminal violations?

Nathan never was a member of DIS.

How many members strong are you all now?

I think they are catching up to the pledgers.
Give 'em a few more months and they’ll be 10 or 12 strong.:wink: