extra plumbing parts

What are the extra tanks that some houses have? Sometimes they are in the garage and sometime they are outside. I’m assuming they are for well water purposes or for the sprinkler system,

google water softener…

John, no offense, but the manufacturer’s names are right there on the product.

If you do a little research, you’ll learn about the various parts of a softener system (water conditioner) and what they do; Resin tank, brine tank, regeneration timer, what “hardness” is and it’s affect on the home, etc.

Most if not all wells I come across have some sort of conditioning system, including filters for various contaminants. You don’t need to be on a well do use a conditioner; many homeowners on public water use them as well.


Many newer homes here in AZ are plumbed for a water conditioning system. I find the stubs in the garage near the water heater, some are on the exterior of home.