Extreme Home Makeover

Did anybody watch tonight’s Extreme Makeover tonight? It featured a home of a firefighter that was a father of six and dropped dead from complications of an existing health problem and exposure to “microbial growth”.

Wife watched it - I did not catch what killed him but did see them talking about mold


I missed it tonight, however, speaking of Extreme Makeover, they have a website where home Inspectors can apply to do Inspections on the Home Makeovers. Just in case anyone might be interested. I think you get paid too…not sure? Check out the site.


Oh wait I may be mistaken, I think it is a home inspection company…oops! still you can apply anyway…lololol

Mold again.

I hate to profit from someones misfortune but I would like to know if this man’s death could have been prevented if he did not have a mold problem.

Is this just one in a million or what. Remember a lot of people saw this show and it will hype needless mold testing or it will give people a needed heads up on a problem the needs to be solved

Perhaps it is time for our pro and con mold experts to sign in

Was this program good or bad for one - our clients - two us???



I agree with you about needless mold testing for that matter needless HOME INSPECTIONS.:mrgreen:

I saw this one months ago. It was toxic mold (according to the show - if they actually tested, I don’t know)and he did go into anaphylactic shock after spending hours working in the basement.

Yes, some people will get freaked out and over cautious. But, unless you can identify toxic vs. non-toxic mold on site, perhaps a little added caution isn’t the worst idea.

Pro-lab already offers consumers DIY kits that process for less than $25 or $50. They will also do a simple tape draw for $25. So, it’s not like th econsumer would be out a bunch of $$ if they do a little homework.

Toxic Mold…

Please follow these links:



http://www.acoem.org/guidelines.aspx?id=850 AMERICAN COLLEGE OF ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE - READ CAREFULLY

http://www.postgradmed.com/issues/2003/06_03/fung.htm PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY

Leading pulmonologists agree that death can occurr with specific types of mold (aspergillis niger) in extremely immunocompromised patients with extremely high exposure levels. A lot of this, especially as it concerns “toxic molds” is hype. I’ve never heard of, or read about, anaphylacticc shock from mold. This would be a new one.

Also, look into the EPA’s relative moldiness index.

***What the RMI is about: ***http://www.nature.com/jes/journal/vaop/ncurrent/abs/7500528a.html](http://www.nature.com/jes/journal/vaop/ncurrent/abs/7500528a.html)