Extremely low flow water supply to washing machine

I inspected a 4 year old high rise condo a few weeks ago in Vancouver’s Yaletown. Looked like a relatively well constructed building, water pressure and flow were average every where else, but both hot and cold water flow were extremely low, took about an hour to fill the washing machine tub and got it to washing cycle. Both agents were there, the listing agent found the building manager, at least that’s what she told me, and the answer she got from the manager was “they all run like this, but if you turn off cold water, the hot water will run a little faster”. I tried, but didn’t see any difference. The buyer’s agent said it’s probably a new feature for newer buildings so when the rubber hose bursts, the damage will be less compare with water at full volume.

I’m not really buying both opinions but can’t come up with a plausible answer myself either. Just wondering if other inspectors have observed similar situation and the explanation for it. :?:](http://www.home604.com)

Thanks in advance.

  1. I don’t inspect washing machines, dryers, or can openers.

  2. It’s probably a clogged screen, either on the hose or at the washing machine where the hose connects to it.

A clogged screen is the most common suggestion. If they were smart enough to have a screen on the hose end where it’s very easy to get to, check there, if not, it’s behind the unit where the hose connects the supply to the pump. Much more difficult.

Pretty simple just write it up as a repair water line to the washing machine has inadequate pressure/volume to fill the unit in a reasonable amount of time.
That will force the issue someone will have to determine why but it won’t be me.