Eyefi card

The video for 5.2 says will work with eyefi card. This would be really slick, would let me put pictures in report and basically walk out the door complete using surface pro. This would really help when going over the report because the picture would already be in place. Anyone using wireless sd card willing to share how well this works. My biggest concern is the speed of upload and the reliability. I want to set up surface pro on kitchen counter and come back to enter info a few times. So do outside-enter info, do bedrooms-enter info, do baths-enter info, do attic/roof-enter info. Will the wireless sd card keep up? I normally take about 150 pics/ inspection. Any suggestions on specific card to get? I have read some have trouble with video.

With the surface pro builtin camera it works to0 (windows 10) when you point the HG filmstrip to Camera roll.

Since HG has two filmstrips you can point one to the camera roll and one to the eye fi card.

During my own trial or demo of the beta the pictures appeared within 3 seconds or so it seemed.

What do you mean two filmstrips?

The area on the right pane the column that you normally use we call a filmstrip. The other one is the one used for your line drawings.

I’m not real tech savvy but does this mean I could use a eyefi sd card in my current camera and instantly download the pic to my laptop computer on site? That would be handy.

Yes exactly…with HG desktop version 5.2

One scenario: You would open your laptop at the inspection. Point the filmstrip in HG to the folder that the eye fi card helped you install or create earlier. Then take pictures and they will magically appear on the filmstrip ready to be dragged into the report (or double click etc.) This method would help to finish the report on site if you used the pics after taking them and added your comment then.

negative: I am not sure of the maximum distance away you can be from the laptop with your camera. 30 feet? So you at some point may need to bring the laptop with you as you move around in the home.

The eyefi card i had was flaky it was Ok but 15 feet was about it

Do you remember the brand of card or model number? I will research this myself more and report back

Nice! I will be updating soon. I was just waiting for some of the bugs to get worked out through Beta testing. I see it has been updated again. It would be nice to know recommendations for a WIFI SD Card.

I got the mobi card, have been able to transfer, but not reliably. Put request in for their support.

Bad idea to use these things unless you like being screwed over…

Wrong again. You love giving misinformation.

The ole eye fi cards are being replaced by the NEW mobi eye fi cards.

Well, after trying the eyefi card, I am not impressed. I got the mobi card and was not able to get it to connect reliably with my surface pro. The eyefi app closes unexpectedly and then wouldn’t work at all. They directed me to download the app directly from their web site not Microsoft. I was not able to successfully connect at all after downloading from their site and the app crashes when loading… Tech support is painfully slow by email and not particularly helpful. Looks like I will be sticking with taking the card out of the camera.

That’s too bad. I just ordered a Mobi card yesterday. Good thing I got a good deal on it…hopefully it works better for me.

Hi Andrew,
did you watch my video and was your steps identical? There were no smoke and mirrors going on for me. I didn’t have any connectivity issues. One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that it will create a sub folder each day so you may need to browse to pictures eyefi folder and see the sub folder todays date.

please post on here your results too.

I have tried Eye Fi Mobi on two different cameras and it has worked flawlessly.


Worked great! I set-up my laptop in the kitchen and do the inspection. I do the home in sections and stop at the computer to add info as I go. Pictures loaded as I went. Distance was limited so when I was in the basement it was not transferring but transferred when I got upstairs. It worked well for the way I enter info. Only drawback was it ate a little more battery life and at times my camera seemed to take a split second longer to auto focus… but not to the point of being annoying. I would recommend it to others. Bought mine on Amazon for $24.

Its great to hear that it is working properly. Some may find this a faster way to put the report together, or just one less hassle not having to move the pictures into the software because it does it automatically.