Eyes opened wide...

I just came back from the Melbourne where I met some of the NACHI staff and, how I hate to do this, I was wrong.

I hear of the SCAM crap Nick told us about 2 years ago about this BS card from Home Deport or Lowes or Ace hardware. Well I am here to say, its not a scam and that is what actually amazed me!

They have been working on this program for years for the members and its closer now than ever. I guess with Nick having his hands in so many companies I just thought he could make a call and have it happen! I guess I just thought stuff “happened”.

The staff of NACHI works absolutely tirelessly at making the industry better. I may not always agree with Nick and will continue to voice my opinions, there is now no doubt his overall goal and the dedication and support of “our” staff at NACHI.

To Nick, Ben, Big Mack, Ron and Paige…thanks for everything. It was a pleasure to talk to you, converse with you and I hope every member gets to meet and see what really goes on. It is an eye opener…

Yes! Thank you so very much to Nick, Ben, Paige, Mack, Ron, & Dennis! The involvement of InterNACHI staff was key to our conference success!

Did you know that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson also came by?

2011-10-30 08.49.08.jpg

2011-10-30 08.49.22.jpg

2011-10-30 08.48.32.jpg

For a P.E., Ron is out there… LOL! But he’s a very smart inspector.

Wow , A beer and a Kiss now this, Russ you were missed . Keep on with your Opinions. Keeps us all thinking .
Nick is coming to TN . Sean and I have been practicing our Banjo skills . lolol