EZ Clean Toilet

Commercial inspection. Businesses with apartment above. I suppose you could sit and shower while doing your business.

LOL!! That is a first for me. :shock:

Now that is funny.

I’d be curious as to how they hooked it up to that shower drain.
Hope they don’t have big turds. :mrgreen:

I got this lead from another inspector. I got a feeling the guys who won’t do commercial will give me their leads since I’m not the competition anymore.

My wife liked the pictures so much she had me email them to her.

Great love it thanks for the chuckle… Roy

I wonder how well a load goes down a 2" shower drain.

That is for folks like to multi task

I think they stole that idea from Winnebago.

That toilet is for prunes only

Wow! Just Wow!
Thanks Paul

Wow! Just when you think you’ve seen it all! :lol:

Couple years ago I figured out there would never be a point that I had seen everything stupid that possibly be done. This is a good example of why that is the case.

I kept a straight face when asked about it.:mrgreen:

Yeah, right. :wink:

You see that in campers’.

Easy to clean, just lift the seat and turn on the shower…

I guess they used the shower drain for the toilet…
Sh*t , Shower and Shave has a new meaning after seeing this…:smiley:

Nope that’s why I love doing this lol