FAA approval for Ridgecrest CA

I just got FAA approval to fly a drone for commercial use in Ridgecrest California near the China Lake Naval Weapons Center.

Still working on the NO FLY zone near Meadows Field in Bakersfield as there are many houses in that zone and drone use for roof inspections has become my first choice.

In my opinion, it’s safer with no worries about falling off the roof, or damaging the roof tiles or shingles. It provides easier access to chimney’s and (no second ladder on the roof thing) and electrical masts, and offers better photo angles for your client. Plus you can easily add current ( as opposed to goggle maps) overall property photos as an added value and usually all within 30 minutes.

All you need is an FAA registered drone, FAA commercial drone pilot license, insurance, and the B4UFLY app, and time for FAA approvals…is it worth it? I think so…

What are your guys thoughts?

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I hope you have something besides a DJI.

“Top FCC Official Calls For Ban of DJI Drones, Citing National Security Risk | PetaPixel” Top FCC Official Calls For Ban of DJI Drones, Citing National Security Risk | PetaPixel

DJI Mavic 2 is what I have currently. DJI does lock in the areas you can fly, but they approved the Ridgecrest one within an hour of me submitting the FAA approval to them and unlocked the zone.

I’m in the market for another drone, but using a gigantic 6 blade drone for home inspections seems a little much when the DJI seems to be doing the trick with no issues as of yet.

I’m actually looking at the robot for crawlspace Inspections next…

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Probably should ban cell phones and walkie talkies too…