FAA Rules Against Realtors Using Drones for Listings

The FAA has ruled against theuse of drones by Realtors.

How will this affect Home Inspectors?

You are technically part of the RE transaction. You got paid for the service. Sell the drones, guys.

So what’s it take to become a certified operator?

This isn’t about the RE transaction per se, but about people using drones in their businesses thinking it is OKAY. HI’s will get hit sooner or later. Just a matter of time, especially when a realtor that doesn’t like you see’s you using a Drone!

This is ridiculous. The FAA is overstepping their own guidelines with even more guidelines. Tell me what the harm is in taking a picture of a home or even a roof?


But the exemption is for hobbyists not commercial applications.

You will obey

Like it or not the FAA has the responsibility to control the air space.

Maybe an exemption will be made withe restrictions in altitude but no one know at this time.

Many thought this would kill amazons drone plans but they were wrong.

Amazon never intended operate under hobbyist rules but as s commercial enterprise subject to FAA rules and regs.

Being near an airport I completely get it.
Bought a 500 lumen flashlight last night and the darn beam was bouncing of the clouds so had to be careful not to operate it as they were flying overhead.

Oh forgot they are great deal for $19 at Auto Zone right now.


They have to catch me first.
I’ve done many, many illegal activities in the past 40 years and have never been caught.
I haven’t seen the FAA cruising the streets lately looking for drones operated by home inspectors. Have you?

They will have *their *drones searching for *your *drones! I suppose you think all these gamers really are just gamers!

Digital video evidence?

Too bad. But it could get squirrely. I heard of the cops showing up because some teenager pointed a laser at a landing airplane here. Detected it, triangulated. Of course there is an air force base here, along with the airport.

They must have watched the latest 24 “Live Another Day”

Maybe. Back when MacGuyver was on, there was an episode where he got a free phone call by ground starting, and so what happened… Thousands of public pay phones handset cords were damaged trying to save a dime.

The laser incident happened to a friends grandson a few years back:)

Well, the way I understand it, you cannot sell it as a service. I do not charge any differently for drone pictures. I do not fly outside the envelope of the owners airspace. I do not fly to the altitude that becomes a threat to air traffic. It is just another tool that I use to keep me alive. If the FAA comes down on me, there will be a fight. I have a Mexican-Jewish lawyer itchin’ to be in the news in my arsenal.:smiley:

I carry mine to every inspection. If the roof is not walkable or too tall for my 27 foot ladder, then in the air it goes.