FABI and InterNACHI form strategic partnership. A great time to join FABI.



Thank You Nick

Thanks Nick.

Very Nice!!

Many thanks to Ralph Cabal, President of FABI.

This great news glad for NACHI and glad for FABI .
What a great future for Florida .

I keep hoping we can do the same in Ontario ,This would be great if it was to happen .

Well, that was easy.

Sad part is, they never even saw it coming.

Even if they did, resistance is futile.

They saw it coming. They were/are being proactive to attract members to a great state organization. FYI, they talked with some other state organizations around the country that have similar relationships before making a decision.

I was there when the hand was extended… why is this so sad?

It really was the only move for Ralph, he didn’t have any other ideas. Did absolutely nothing when he was VP, why should now be any different?

Maybe we should ask ASHI or NAHI about associations working together with inachi? I’m just going by what the owner of this association has said in the past…nothing more, nothing less.