FABI kicks PRO-LAB out of their event for having an image of me at their booth

I guess because I quit sponsoring FABI events (I used to give them $25,000.00 an event), even the image of my face is no longer welcome.

Don’t even know what FABI stands for. They must be real up and comers!


Their loss…

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They are still at the FABI conference!

FABI made them take my face down. LOL

Maybe it’s your haircut Nick, you need the clean shaven like mine :rofl:


FABI is an acronym for Florida Association of Building Inspectors.

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Florida Association of Building Inspectors,

Is that in this country?

Could have been a beef with another attendee or a legal thing the promoter brought up.
Take no offence.
Reach out to hear the reason why .

What country do you live in Bob? Last time I checked Florida is still part of the USA.

I can see you are too sharp for me.


Part of their booth is gone - see the PIC you posted. It was that, or all of it had to go. So petty.

With only 83 attendees, perhaps they have more important things to worry about, no?

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Petty is posting false information just because your picture was taken down. They were not kicked out.

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Yes there are, like incorrect roof installations I’ve documented in seven different County;s in Florida. Wrong nails or wrong sheathing or both. IT’S INSURANCE FRAUD.

It’s not odd that FABI kicked you out. Folks in charge at FABI kicked me off of SM for trying to save peoples lives about not taking the biow3pean jab. BTW the jab is spreading the CRUD… that is why no one is taking the jab now. I’ll never forget the first conference after the plandenic in Ft. Lauderdale… with all the “wear your mask” BS. and Manny and I were the only two to stand up against BS tyranny. Quoting Manny “#uck that covid, I’ll kick it’s ass” God bless Manny! while standing in line for lunch. Then that Saturday night not one single person wearing mask and 200 people crammed into at small hotel room the social event . BTW what was the final outcome of the Sunnie Simons fraud event???

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You seem to be an ill informed sheeple, prove me wrong.

How many FABI events have you been too? Are you a member of FABI?

Prove it yourself, Dave.

The OP (1st post) stated Pro Lab was “kicked-out”.
They were not.
Only a giant poster with someone’s photo was removed, Pro Lab remained.

And before you ask, yes, I’m a FABI member.