FABI refuses to stop infringing on the MICB's registered trademarks

Post what you’re talking about in a post that isn’t clickbait please!

The title of the post is precisely and exactly what I’m talking about. Here, I’ll copy and paste the title again:

FABI refuses to stop infringing on the MICB’s registered trademarks.

That is exactly the topic of the post. Dead on precision.

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He wants to own the Master Professional Inspector designation that FABI awards. Last year he took ownership the Code Certified Master Inspector designation from GAHI.

“He” being the Master Inspector Certification Board.

They’re suing for the ownership of the formation of words. Sound familiar?

Sort of, not really though. A trademark protects itself and the space around it. For example, you couldn’t form the Nikola Tesla Car Company. Why? Because there is already is a car company with a similar name. It also protects itself inside its industry. For example, you could form the Apple Furniture Company or the Apple Wood Stove Company, but you couldn’t use the word “Apple” inside the computer/phone industry.

FABI is using a similar designation.
FABI is using it inside the exact same industry.
And FABI failed to even file for a trademark, let alone attain one.

In the same way GAHI couldn’t just add a word in front of our mark, claim it is different, and infringe inside the exact same industry… FABI can’t just add the generic word “professional” (we’re all professionals) to a mark and infringe inside the exact same industry.

When I formed SUNachi… I didn’t just add the word “professional” to FABI and launch a Florida state association named FAPBI, the Florida Association of Professional Building Inspectors. That would be intentionally confusing within our industry. Yet they think it’s OK to do that to us.

Our marks are on the Principal Register, so we have the right to not be confused with other professional designations. They should do something entirely different like I did when I created SUNachi instead of FAPBI or anything that sounds like FABI. Don’t be a copycat. Create your own original designation: The “Super Duper Pooper Inspector” or whatever. I don’t care. Just stop stealing from us.

I’ve made them every possible offer I could including paying for all of FABI to become CMIs®, provided they qualify. I’ll even give them $50,000.00 to just give me the damn thing so I can kill it. But FABI’s board wants to have the issue adjudicated in court. So unfortunately, we’ll do it their way.

I have no choice at all. The law REQUIRES that I defend the mark or risk losing it. I don’t make the rules so don’t shoot the messenger.

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Are you sure that they didn’t just replace “Certified” with “Master”? It sounds like they may be infringing on InterNACI’s Certified Professional Inspector mark too.

Be careful, I heard that guy running InterNACHI is pretty shrewd. He may take the mark from both of you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Similar? Hum? :thinking: INMI Requirements – Inspector Nation

That web site hurts my eyes. The logos. 1999 called and wants its design pattern back.

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Would that be like: National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) and Maryland Association of Home Inspectors (MAHI - which is also a fish)?

How about the illustrious USHIA
Look yourself up. Is it comes back YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER you are horrible!

I wonder if FABI is promoting the exposure of so many improper roof sheathing installations??? I haven’t seen it. maybe I’m wrong.

FABI is a good group and why I’ve always financially supported them. Not just a good group, a really good group. But I have no choice by law here. I have to defend our marks. We spent well more than a million dollars on our trademarks at MICB and I can’t just let anyone steal decades of our work.

I agree. Hmmm the Sunnie Simmons thing… I still haven’t been provided real answers for that.

I had not heard of USHIA.
I am horrible.

Let’s just say she sailed off into the Sunnie wit da money. LOL