Fabric Shield Wind Mitigation Question?

Fabric Shield product is approved for use out side the HVHZ to cover windows & doors

Product approval shows large missile impact.

My question is

A. Verified cyclic pressure & large missile (9‐lb for windows doors/4.5 lb for skylights)

B.Verified cyclic pressure & large missile (4‐8 lb for windows doors/2 lb for skylights)

N.Opening Protection products that appear to be A or B but are not verified

Thanks for any input

The products I’ve seen is A. However, you shouldlook up the product onstates ldata base and confirm.

Recommend you update you location… We like to know where people operate :slight_smile:


Thanks Jay
Location update completed

The product approval doc report only shows large missile

Did you try this site Darren?


Give it a try and see what happens.


Yes Bert

Product FL3227.1-R9

Thanks I will give Wayne Dalton Company a call

They are A, large missile rated, reported on them dozens of times.

Thanks for the reply Glenn,

I noticed that the roll down fabric shield and the straight panels are different.

Roll downs are approved for HVHZ not the straight panels.

What confuses me both A and B are large missile rated, I see no other info about (9‐lb for windows doors)

On the mititgation form, number 5 roof geometry: if i select Hip roof do i have to calculate the total roof system perimeter_____feet? do i use the measure tape to measure the size for each perimeter? :roll:

IF it’s all Hip I don’t measure, but if any part of the roof is different I measure so I don’t get called to talk about it. Yes use a 100 ft tape or a wheel.


As the Test Engineer for Wayne Dalton Fabric Sheild I can confirm that the product is tested for TAS 201, 202, and 203, and ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996. When you see a product tested for TAS 201 it is 9 lb, there is no 4.5 test under TAS 201.

Concerning 4.5 missile systems in Florida, for shutters there are only a handful, Cameron Ashley made a steel panel system that was 4.5 rated, there are some pultruded fiberglass and polypropelyne shutters (colonial/bahama) that are 4.5 rated but not many other products. All of the fabric and screen systems are 9lb rated. There are a lot of impact glass windows/doors that are only 4.5 rated however and you have to watch for these carefully.

I would suggest that any roof that is being turned in as hip be measured unless you are supporting reinspection programs and don’t really care if your clients are inconvenienced by them.

There are spaces on the form to fill this information out when Hip is indicated, I would not leave these blank because it indicates that you may not have checked, regardless of photos. The perimeter measurement is taken on ethe very outer edge of all roof shapes, teh non hip shapes are any feature that is non-hip. E.g. flat roofs, gables, dormers, the sides of shed roofs, the slanted portions of clipped gables, mansards, etc…

Also remember that the entire perimeter of any roof system that is less than 2:12 is also considered non-hip. We see a lot of inspectors making this error on non structurally attached roof systems that are enclosed.