Become a fan of my facebook page


If you do not have one you should create one.

Have you gotten any results from using a fan page?

Not here:p:p


mostly agents. Before you could have a facebook user name it was the easiest way to have someone become a fan

I checked out your facebook page (and became a fan). It looks like a great marketing tool. Have you used facebook’s paid advertising?

I belong to all of these it helps me alot.

** MY Social Networks**

Can you define “a lot”? As in # of inspections from them and or as a % of all inspections?


It helps me get more activity to my website without paying for adwords or any google ads. This keeps me on the top of all search engines for my area and soon state of Florida. I have noticed alot more inspections from website since I started these blogs. There is a trick to it So you post 1 time for all. without logging in them.

What’s the trick?

I have tried the ads and got nothing. I was not aggressive with it though

Here you Go Guys This will help you alot if you want to send a daily blog or information to all at one time. Great tool and its Free.
Ping.fm is a simple and FREE service that makes updating your social networks a snap


How do you have time for anything else?

I was wondering the same thing. I start at 7 am (now) go home about about 7pm and rarely see face book posts from my kids. Maybe I’m just getting old. Before I forget

Merry Christmas

Going to our condo in Orlando, have a great holiday. PS We now have people performing mold assessment in the Orlando area.

I have been trying to create a network on the web that would help get our company in front of the people. I worked long and hard creating a web page and editing it so the search engines could find it and so on……

This was an excellent idea. I had it set up to all my contacts in about 10 minutes, it would have been sooner except I had trouble remembering the passwords.

Thank you, this is greatly appreciated.

So, someone let me in on why Facebook is so great. I just created a page, and all I did was find a bunch of old highschool classmates.:mrgreen: Seriously though, what is the story here? Do RE agents contact you on Facebook? Clients find you?

I think it is just a median to get your name out there. A business should have it’s own page and then you get fans (probably realtors that use you) hopefully realtors that they link to will then check out your site and so on. I have got a page for my business, but haven’t set it up yet. I am gonna continue working on my personal sites first.

You get clients and agents to become a fan and their friends see your page. It gives you a direct in to their page, friends and family. They know what you are up to(if you update). It is just a way to stay in constant contact. I have yet to get a job just from it though. My clients and agents that are fans do not forget me either though.