Facetime inspections?

I was following (social media) a local realtor that moves alot of properties. They posted today about a property they sold quicky recently. In the description of all the items they pulled together to make this happened they mentioned a “facetime” home inspection. Seems I may have someone in my market doing very sketchy inspections. No mention of who it was. Trying to come up with a way to find out and market against that. Thoughts anyone?


What did you mean by a ““facetime” home inspection”? What are the sketchy inspections?

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I am assuming here but I think they used the face time app on their phone on a call with the prospective buyers or agent. Inspector was not at the house.

Sketchy inspections? An inspection done and the inspector is not on site. I guess I consider that sketchy.


Makes sense if an Agent wants to put the time in trying to chase me around and not expecting me to be narrating the whole time. :crazy_face:

I’ve done plenty of inspections for clients who could not be there. I do detailed reporting anyhow and give them a call before leaving the premise for a quick major issue overview.

Are you sure the Inspector was not there? Possibly another brain fart idea where they use a GoPro or some other device to let the client see what they see as the inspection is in progress. Hopefully the Inspector turns it off when passing gas or using the facilities! :crazy_face::crazy_face:

I never used it, just contributing info. :smiley:

Im hoping it was done like the article, not the other way around…but with all the online doctors and such it wouldn’t surprise me

This reminds me of a former member of the year, Russell Ray, and his drive by, and fly by, inspections.:pouting_cat:

Maryland requires a written report. So the facetime might be good for the realtor a written report is still required to be delivered to the client and I must keep a copy for 5 years. I don’t see how any inspection can be done without the inspector being physically present nor how a closing decision could be made without reviewing the written report. Sounds like alot of “fluff” with no substance. The world we live in!

If I ever get this ”greate idea” from any agent I will invite her/him to a wonderful ”face time dinner” but I’m going to be one in the restaurant.

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Now that’s funny! :laughing:

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