Faia previous stance on preventing retail fraud

Exerpt from white paper issued from faia to oir on preventing fraud in the retail inspection market

Interesting. Do you have a copy of the full report? If yes, can you send a copy to me?

There is NO FUNDING to do any of it :frowning:


Hmmm, likely sources of funding?
OIR… Not going to happen.
Insurance industry…Very unlikely.

Just google faia white paper, or shoot me a text @ 954-573-5461 and ill get it to you

Here’s a link to the paper…


Also, here’s an August 2013 FAIA article about this specific issue…


DBPR statement clears way for referral fees to agents

Licensed home inspectors and contractors can offer a fee to insurers and insurance agents for the referral of wind mitigation inspection clients. That’s the word from a recent Department of Business and Professional Regulation Declaratory Statement. Don’t get too excited. As Laura Pearce points out in the Community, DBPR doesn’t regulate agents, the Department of Financial Services does, and what constitutes a conflict of interest depends on whom you ask. Find out why she advises agents to proceed with caution.

…unfortunately, the rest of the article is password protected.