Failed During Normal Operation

I didn’t make to the breaker quick enough. It just so happened to be a Zinsco panel, and the breaker did not trip when this thing started arcing. . .

Needless to say, I wasn’t very popular at the end of this inspection.





What (was) it feeding?-------:shock:

You are one Deal Killing SOB just like Brian Kelly----:lol:

That WAS the disconnect for the A/C condenser. . .

well it sure seems disconnected now:D

What I figured, looking at it, but can’t be too sure in La La Land—:lol:

It literally amazes me how many Zinsco’s you come across Jeff----:lol:

The Breaker happen too fry to the Buss? the service panel?—:twisted:

Nope. No residual damage other than what you see.

Jeff, they sell replacement Square D and GE at Home Depot, ha. ha. :mrgreen:

What did you do that caused that?

Marcel :):smiley:

So Jeff, did you recommend they change the entire electrical system; or just that disconnect

Don’t feel bad I’m usually unpopular upon arrival…

What do ya wanna bet the realtor has Jeff in Time Out? It’s a left coast thing :wink:

Don’t fee Lone Range Barry, they don’t like to see me either (Realestate)

That will teach you for tuning on something that was off.

so never mind all that sparky stuff Jeff …how did the AC perform ???

There were numerous issues (electrical related) with this property. This happened within the first fifteen minutes while I was running the A/C.


Dont feel bad. I went to a house yesterday that used to have a solar panel for the water heater. There was no evidence of it ever being on the roof. Per the agent, we turned the water on at the meter. The living room flooded because whoever removed the solar panel did not cap the lines.

I’m not trying to defend a 50 year old Zinsco but there probably was no short circuit/overload to trip any breaker. It was probably a meltdown due to heat from a poor connection.

I have seen a 60 amp AC circuit start a fire before without tripping a breaker, just not enough current to do it, but plenty to start a fire.

You could be right Brian. This was only a 30 amp circuit, but it made enough noise to get me down off of the roof. . .

There goes more wasted Iced Tea through my nostrils again—O:)—:lol:

guessing you’re just turning into aqua man Dale !!!

I can just picture Jeff, “What the hell is that now”-----:lol:—:lol:—:lol:

How did you test that Jeff, with a road flare? :wink: