Failed during testing

This urinal must have been mounted to high on the wall went to use it and it just could not handle all the weight, the water was cold and deep:D :smiley: :twisted: </IMG></IMG></IMG>

Wow, Charley.

What did you do, rest it on the curb of the urinal and it fell?

Big Boy?

I just let it all hang out:mrgreen:

Aren’t you supposed to face those things?

Ohhhh that was low but a good come back.:cool:

Usually (when I’m done taking a leak), I simply just slap mine on the side of it.

The first liar does not have a chance on this BB

It’s not a lie, it’s a joke.

That’s what she said…:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you did leave it wide open.:mrgreen:

Ya, ya…there’s a clown in every crowd.

My skin is pretty thick Larry.

I realize that but I was the first post and mine was a lie;-)

Or did you just pass one hell of a kidney stone?

Which skin would that be? :mrgreen:

You have to use your imagination for that one.

Sorry, David, it appeared this whole thread was full of clowns…

So Charlie …do You now understand the difference between a urinal and a bidet???:shock:

AHHHHH we don’t use Bidets here we just wander on down to the old water hole. So it must have been a Urinal.