Failed to copy into cloud

I can not upload or download from the cloud on my companion or my computer. I’ve never had this happen and of course it happens on Saturday morning. All I get is “Failed to copy into cloud” or I “currently have no reports in the cloud”. My reports are small so size has nothing to do with it. Anyone have any suggestions to help.

As of Saturday morning, I have HG Companion connection or connectivity issues also.
They have crap after hours support, so not much to suggest unfortunately.
I guess they are working on their platform…


FYIW, it finally connected while I was typing.
Good luck.


Awesome thank you

You can still copy and merge your companion report without the ‘cloud’. I would suggest you read the HG help topics to find the method that will work for you in that situation.

I use HG and do not subscribe to the cloud. I also use apps on my phone that transfer files through my WiFi (myphone-explorer) which makes the process much easier. Be sure to add a sufix to the companion report before you down load it so that you merge the right file.

This is why I don’t use any cloud services.

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