Failing Wall

This was at a hillside property in the Hollywood Hills. There’s a price to pay for view like this (that’s the Hollywood sign in the background). . .




Hi. Jeff;

That was pretty cool shots. Does everyone like to sacrifice sound foundations for a view in your area or what??

Seems illogical.

How did you write that one up??

Here in Maine, you deal with solid rock and is not uncommon to see hillside homes and are their for a lifetime.
Why would people chose to build in areas that are unstable for building and spend millions of dollars for something that will not last. ??


The home was built in 1926 on this hillside, and it’s still standing. This was a yard wall that was unearthed in our heavy rains during the winter months.

The “write-up” on something like this is pretty simple.

“The yard wall and its foundation have failed and present a safety hazard. The damaged sections of the wall should be removed as soon as possible for safety.”

I know I’m partial to the South, where we have beautiful trees (and kudzu). But that view looks like scrub brush to me and I don’t see why anyone would pay extra for it. :roll:

Because in the morning one can go swimming, snorkeling, water skiing, or sailing in 80°F weather at the beach. Then in the afternoon of the same day, one can drive 30 miles away and either go mountain hiking, mountain biking, or snow skiing. It’s pretty cool. There really are some good reasons why California has 37,000,000 people, and more moving in each day, notwithstanding the high cost of living and the high cost of real estate.

Just wait those homes in the hills will one day be beach front property. Terra Motto.

They already are.
Anything within 30 miles of the beach is beachfront property.
They also are mountain range property, zoo-front property, river-front property, entertainment park property, museum-front property, etc.

After growing up in Kingsville, Texas, and living in Houston, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Detroit, Philadelphia, Tampa, Portland, Salt Lake City, and possibly a few others that escape me at the moment, only Vancouver BC compares favorably with Southern California, and even more specifically, San Diego.

Places to go.
People to see.
Things to do.
Margaritas to drink.


Boy, Russel–you sure been chased out of a lotta towns…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :wink:

I wear out my welcome about every three months. That’s not unusual for consultants. :slight_smile:

For some strange reason, San Diego likes me, or maybe Ms Margarita and Dr Cuervo like San Diego.