"Failure to Communicate"

I was hired earlier in the week to perform a general inspection set up for Friday. I asked if utilities are on and client stated agent said Yes. (Read On)

Yesterday I receive a call from buyers agent on if I had set up radon test.
Told her buyer did not want one. So I called buyer and he discussed he would like a radon and WDI inspection. (Great!!)

Today I travel 42 miles to set up the radon test. Go into house and discover that the utilities are off. Go down to main panel and breaker is off. Gas on at meter, off at tank, furnace. Home has a well.

So I call listing agent and ask permission to turn on electric. They state OK.
So I have the electric on for my test but gas off at appliances.

Listing agent says will send someone out within 30 minutes. (I figure OK and did exterior inspection)

Now it starts getting good.

Sellers rep gets furnace fired up no problem. (Now I can do my radon test properly)

OK, he goes to turn on pump and water is leaking in more areas than you can imagine. He decides not to fill tank and calls a plumber.

This is a great example why we should not turn on main utilities.

I thought the sellers agent/rep was on the ball.
I appreciate the referral from the buyers agent.

But the communication to the potential buyer is lacking.

If I would of not made the call to the listing agent and just showed up on my set time on Friday he would of not been aware of the issues with the water and had a very limited inspection.

I could of easily just set my radon monitor to battery and been on my way.

Check out this pick of one of the leaks. I mean it was like Niagara Falls. I hope the sump works!! I can still hear it PPPPSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!

151009 050 (Small).jpg

But you did?

I only turned on main electric after obtaining permission from listing agent. And then there represenitive was there within 15 minutes.

And your point is!!!

I may be wrong, but from reading your post you turned on electricity to run your radon monitor only. Would you of called the Realtor and asked permission to turn on electricity if there wasn’t a radon test? What if the Realtor asked you to turn on the gas and water also? Would you of done that? What I gather from your post is, don’t turn on any utilities except when it is covenant to you.

In regards to the radon test I wanted to have the home in proper condition to perform the test.

The furnace should be on to simulate livable conditions.

In regards to the utilities being on for the inspection. I ask when I set up the inspection and leave it to the agents to have it on.

In regards to being convinient to set up the radon. It would of been easier to just run it on the battey and leave.

I just felt it was best to contact listing agent and my buyer and inform them the utilities were off at various areas and it would be best to have them on for the upcoming inspection.

So how would of handled this scenerio?

I do appreciate your opinion and at least you responded to my post.

I would also inform the listing agent that the utilities were not on. But I would not of turned them on.
I have reread the posts and i apologize. I did seem a little flippant? in my first post. I was a bit confused and it was a poor way of showing it.

No problem

No need to apologize.

A good example of why an inspector should never just turn on the water. Proper steps should be taken to de-winterize the home.

I posted a blog about this a while back on ActiveRain.