Fake fireplace

Is this not the tackiest thing you’ve ever seen? New construction. Electric fireplace. Image of fire dances on plastic seen. Heat is real but electric.

092106 047 (Small).jpg

Great reminder Joe . Some are so good an Home Inspector could miss it and then the Discussion can get awkward.
Roy Cooke

Even though I am WETT (wood stove and fireplaces) Certified, I ripped mine out and replaced it with an electric. Why? because I also do energy audits and know just how much energy the real ones loose.

The ‘flame’ is much more realistic than it used to be and on most models you can leave the flame on (only a couple of watts) and leave the electric heater turned off.

I let my flame run 24hrs/day all winter and use only a very small amount of energy.

I often have people come in out of the cold, run over and stand in front of it and feel all nice and warm. Its all psychological:)

In a new construction, however I can see where it would look out of place.

Paul Hinsperger
Hinspereger Inspection Services
Orangeville Ontario

Nice Joe, real class. Did it have a Velvet Elvis hanging above it :wink:



Is there a portrait of dogs playing poker somewhere in the room?:cool:

If it’s a Dyna brand check for a recall.

Wait until they release the HDTF (Plasma) version Ver 2.5…:D:D

That’s High Density Tele Fireplace…:wink: