Fall Pop By Idea

Super cheap!

Next someone will be selling gum balls…Or better yet Icecream.
Jeezus what has the place came to?

Why is this even here?

I’m not selling them. It’s a super cheap pop by idea.

Why do you even bother here Juan?

Come on you guys…Juan trades them to interact with real estate sales people.

I just like to see the comments :slight_smile:

They are for pop bys. That means I have already interacted with the agents getting these…but that doesn’t matter does it? I’m sure you have a quip for that too.

Wow, a little touchy, Juan?

You don’t interact with them when you “pop by”? It could be a good thing…

He’s pizzed that he spent all that money joining ASHI, and they won’t give him the time of day over there either! :roll:

Feeding the wolves.

More like Chupacabra!

How much do they cost you a piece? I’m going to help you with this idea.

I do jars of mints. Put a coupon at the bottom for $25 off any home inspection service when they return the empty jar to you. You can get jars cheap at any hobby or dollar store. Put your business card on the side of the jars before you fill them.

What you put in them is endless. Use seasonal items/candy.

You’re both making a mistake, I’ll explain in a bit. But I first want to hear from Juan as to what they are costing him.

About $2.10

You’d get much more Wow! factor if you simply handed out $2 bills (and it would be cheaper).

Look, it’s Kindergarten Marketing to give away $2 snacks in hopes that some despicable real estate agent would actually recommend you to their clients because you fed them some cheerios. Yes, maybe you’ll get a few minutes of face time with some agent, but that sure is an inefficient way to promote your professional services. And frankly (and I was a top-producing REALTOR), I find it belittling.

Even worse, it doesn’t promote you at the same time. NICK’S RULE #1: Everything you give away must promote Juan!, not Nabisco.

And even worse, it isn’t durable. NICK’S RULE #2: Everything you give away must promote Juan forever!, not get eaten and thrown away.

Give me 15 minutes (I’m actually on the phone with someone) and I’ll come up with something every agent will want, it will promote Juan, and it will promote Juan forever.

I’m waiting to hear it Nick

Agents dress for success (they’re all about clothes). And Juan, you are in Virginia (which has 4 very different seasons in terms of weather). Therefore, your local agents likely have large wardrobes of dress clothes in their closets.


Imprint YOUR inspection business contact info on these http://www.4allpromos.com/product/poly-pro-garment-bag

They are big, dramatic, easy to deliver, inexpensive, durable, and promote your inspection business… EACH AND EVERY DAY.

Maybe come up with a cute tagline to imprint under your inspection company name and contact information specifically for this promotional product.

How about:

"Dress for success and inspect with the best!"