Fall Safety Course

How many of you have taken a fall safety course? And where did you take it?

I did a PDI and was told by the rep that if I didn’t have the fall safety certificate then you could not let me near the roof as he would be liable.

If the Ministry of Labour sees you on a roof with no safety equipment you may be fined. I have heard this happening to several inspectors a number of years ago.

Fall Arrest,… sorry it is FALL ARREST course,… and I’ve heard the ministry of labour will be all over you for being on a roof and for opening up electrical panels.

Lots of rumors but I do not know of any one who has been stopped on the job yet .
Rumors you know if you have not heard one by ten o’clock you are supposed to start one .
Roy Cooke

I believe Alden was saying something about this at the Defect Watchyourassorgonnagetsued course.

So you have never taken a fall arrest course?


Never taken a fall course, but did an inspection for one of the Instructors at the Construction Safety Association, he didn’t have much to say about the roof inspection, but mind you I do not go on roofs anymore if I cannot access with my 10’ folding ladder.

I don’t care what Alden has to say. Anybody who can’t look you straight in the eyes when you have a conversation with them is not worth speaking to or listening too. Oooooops did I say that? By gosh I did!

Here in the USA, our Office Safety and Health (OSHA) folks have taken a hard look at falling and have concluded that falls do not cause injury. Injury actually occurs at the moment in which the fall comes to an abrupt stop. Billions of dollars in research monies are now being expended in examining the need for Abrupt Stop training.

Construction Safety Association of Ontario


Do a search on ladders at above link. This is one of many articles I found below.


You must be certified and have a valid cetification card signed by the trainer. Yes, you can be denied access for a PDI or phase inspections on any new home built by a contractor/builder in Ontario.

I have noted this very clearly when I have taught the health and safety course in Ontario for OAHI and with onsite inspection training. Any ladder over 3metres must be secured and tied off, and many more things to put into practice.

This program provides workers with the basic knowledge required to work safely in areas exposed to fall hazards. Upon completion, participants will be able to recognize fall hazards and identify and apply fall protection controls. A review of legislative requirements will also be discussed. This program will not cover site-specific equipment and procedures. A wallet card will be provided upon successful completion.

Would you please explain to me how you are going to tie off a ladder without climbing the ladder.

Good morning guys

You guys are dating yourselfs,try going on a construction site now without a harness, and fall protection cert. you are off the job in a big hurry!!

Larry it sounds to me you have never taken the course.


Fwiw, I see many roofers in my area without harnesses, and they only tie off the ladder.

Not in subdivisions,maybe the odd roof in the area.

May be of interest to everyone,http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=8011

How many certificates would you like? I probably have 5 or 6 in my possession. I have been in the trades for more years than I care to remember.

Besides they are trying to get us to tie off and put on a harness to do roof inspections. By the time all that is done the roof inspection is over.

Larry,Good luck to-nite at the Barrie meeting, sorry I can not make it, some one has to work!:wink:

Stupid queston, but what are you suppose to do with the card?

“Stupid queston, but what are you suppose to do with the card?”

Glue it to your backside so that they can identify the corpse after all the safety equipment has dragged you off the roof!:shock:

Too funny!