Falling from roofs

When you have to bend down to observe the soffits it does not hurt to fall from a roof. Did not need my ladder today just stepped aboard. I used the north side of the home as a slide to go from the ridge to the ground my Butt was bumbing every shingle as they were wet. What a ride:D :smiley: Made me feel Twenty again.:wink:

Glad you took the “short” ride :twisted:

Brave man to try a wet, green, wood roof

How many splinters???


Did you TI the interior wall at that location?..:smiley:

Glad your all right…be careful.

what his shorts…visual non-invasive, right?

Yes I did Big PROBLEMS The home owner had used a moisture extractor before I arrived and had captured approximately 2 gallons of water from the carpet area and was applying heat to the dry wall the IR was not much help at this point was only able to see moisture at the very bottom of the baseboard trim. There was a leaking skylight also above this wet area. In my report I am recommending removal of the dry wall to determine the actual source of water penetration. I also took mold samples while present going to be big bucks to repair if the water is coming through the wall.
This one will be a case study to remember two possible sources of water and will require destructive investigation to determine the actual source of water.

John if you look close you can see my Butt marks in the third Pic no it was not an accident I was just having some fun: intentionally took the quick way down. I called it a controlled exit.

BA BE nice:D

I keep saying it to myself…I have to get a cam…:roll:

Just do it.

Its just money have you ever seen a Hurst with a U-Haul trailer behind it.:roll:

Yeah, like he said and I know you’ll ROI in no time.

It’s really very easy to buy and pay for one in a few months if you’re into it.

I’d now like to see a show of hands that haven’t increased their income since purchasing an IR cam

see no hands in the air

Look Ma no hands but how about a :slight_smile: