False Advertising?

Is it false advertising to claim that you hold a state license when you don’t?

What is funny is that this clown does hold a home inspectors license in Ohio.

But not a contractors or inspectors license as advertised???



Do people like this harm all licensed Home Inspectors?

If he wasn’t a licensed HI would you turn him in? I would. That’s why I’m forwarding his info to the state.

I would let him correct it first. If he’s not a contractor he needs to remove the claim of being a contractor. He should probably say that he is InterNACHI certified rather than state of Ohio licensed.

Contractor licensing is often very difficult to obtain. I would at the very least call him out on this. I spent a lot of money and time getting my contractors license and business license and it isn’t fair someone can just say they are a contractor to mislead a client.

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He also claims to be an electrical inspector.

He is licensed that’s what gets me : image

I couldn’t find him on this site either. Is he a member? He is an ASHI member so that much is true.

If he inspects it and is not licensed, he will be liable to pay for the mistake (wouldn’t he?). Perhaps his license is expired and is therefore not popping up on a search. In California no license is necessary as a certification is valid enough. However, that is likely going to change sooner rather than later.

If he’s a real contractor he would be required to have a code compliance bond. Something my state required me to carry. Somehow I think this guy doesn’t have Jack.

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Yeah sounds a bit odd for sure. If the check was written out to him personally rather than a company etc. would likely be the only way to check without digging for info.

Unfortunately, many people take liberties with their websites thinking that no one will call them out on it.

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Do you realize SFB that we are shunning you because of your ridiculous post?
Just thought I’d tell you.


Does everyone being shunned get this much attention?

Seen it so many times it is sad! I found one Inspector in Texas claim they have over 20 years construction experience and yet they were only 26 years old. I suppose picking up loose nails on his Daddy’s construction job counts?

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Combined experience :slight_smile: