Family says their home is killing them

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Salem Family Says Their Home Is Killing Them]([](

It’s a shame that their kids are sick, but WHY are they still there. If that were my kids, lease or no lease, they wouldn’t be living there. That’s just stupid. Common sense dictates that if it’s unsafe, then get out.

How true Mark. Sometimes the pocketbook overrules common sense I guess.

I’m sorry, but if my family was told that the home I’m living in, contains dangerous levels of lead, I’m packing my bags and getting the hell out.

The lawsuit (with the landlord) can take place anytime after that. But my kids come first. There’s plenty of temporary homes out there.

I can’t believe these people stayed there until, they were literally kicked out. What’s going through their minds when it comes to bearing healthy children?

You can see the damn paint crusting everywhere. Some parents should be jailed for their stupidity.

Yes, David.
Makes things sound a little BOGUS! No?

This is a prime example of how the various news media use scare tactics to manipulate public emotion in order to make money by selling advertising.
The news media is a money-making business and their primary goal is the corporate bottom line… making a profit… not educating viewers.

If you really want to know about a subject, like mold, lead, radon (or politics), forget news articles or segments like this and start looking for information dedicated to that subject from credible, specialized, relevant sources.

I’m not sure how the media is making profits on stories like this but, this incident is the exact reason why Massachusetts has mandatory lead laws for landlords.

As the number of people tuning in to watch sensational stories on a TV show increases, that show’s ratings increase and so do prices charged by the networks for advertisements which appear during the show.
The same with the print media. As circulation increases for a popular newspaper or magazine, so do their advertising rates, and that’s where they make their real money.

It creates a conflict between journalists who want to show honest news and network executives who are responsible to shareholders (and maybe their own bank accounts) and are more concerned with the bottom line.

My tongue ith bleeding.:roll:

I agree Dave, as a former property manager in Mass, I could not rent property to a family with children under the age of (8 if I remeber correctly) without a lead abatement certificate, I also thought that that was a federal mandate.