Famous Los Angeles puma holes up in residents' crawlspace

Now that I haven’t came across as of yet! Oh My! Oh! S hit!

"On Monday night, Beth Pratt, California director for the National Wildlife Federation, took to Twitter with a passion. P-22, the iconic mountain lion that for the last three years has inhabited a large, urban Los Angeles park, had turned up in the crawlspace underneath someone’s house. Authorities were trying to dislodge him with tennis balls and sticks. “The tennis balls didn’t work,” she wrote. “How about trying clearing out & giving him some quiet? This cat’s been avoiding people for 3 years.” Even worse, a loud media throng had gathered around the home of Jason and Paula Archinaco, where the puma had holed up; Pratt pleaded with the reporters, too. “Media covering #P22 - thank u for the story but can we clear out the scene to give P22 a chance to leave safely?”


I wanna eat me a home inspector.

They had a piece on 60 Minutes about the Mountain Lions living among us in L.A. It was pretty interesting.http://www.cbsnews.com/news/60-minutes-meet-the-mountain-lions-of-los-angeles/

That story is from April 2015.