Fannie Mae now requires inspectors to have membership in InterNACHI.

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Many HI’s do not have the college degrees that are listed/required. ASHI is also listed as training reference. Heavy insurance requirements.

We just like InterNACHI to be listed and approved on every government document and government website everywhere. Scroll down right column of

A bachelors degree to do inspections? Why would that matter?

Nothing against education but you could have a bachelors degree in history and no building experience and be an inspector and 30 years building houses and not qualify if you aren’t college educated? Wow, that sure makes sense.:shock:

So does that mean all inspectors without a college degree need to find another job?


It says you have to have ONE of the qualifications, not meet all of them.:stuck_out_tongue:

Whew! Had me worried for a minute :slight_smile:

The Physical Needs Assessment (“PNA”) is an underwriting tool that provides
information necessary for the Le
nder and Fannie Mae to assess the overall physical condition
and risk of a multifamily property securing a Mortgage Loan to be financed by the Lender andpurchased by Fannie Mae.