Fannie Mae says InterNACHI members are qualified to do their loan inspections.

This from their newly updated inspection guide:

More Good News! :mrgreen:

“the inspector must have successfully completed acceptable training courses in lieu of the above. Acceptable training courses include the Property Inspection Risk Management course provided by Fannie Mae or the Fannie Mae approved inspection course provided by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA).”

Good news.

One of the options. You must see the line above with the “or” at the end.

I have been trying to get onboard with them for some time and every attempt does nothing but have me talk to confused and unwilling people. I would love to know who to talk to to get so called qualified to do their inspections.

You don’t have to take the course if you are an InterNACHI member.

I see that now, Stephen pointed it out, I was reading to fast.

What type of Fannie Mae loans does this refer to, is this for foreclosures?

We need an emblem…Fannie Mae Qualified Multi-Family Inspector

To print on web and business cards, etc.



Where do you find this info on Fannie Mae’s web site?

The guide isn’t published yet, they just gave me a sneak peek.

Does Anyone have the address or phone to get listed on the Fan Mae inspection site
Benjamin Martin :roll:

Would this help at all in trying to get on the Inspectors Roster with HUD and FHA? :neutral:

I am new to this business and would like some help or direction to solicit business from forclosures. It has been my experience that law firms do not get involved, trouble finding the correct dept within financial organization, or whomever to aquire business from, any suggestions or help?

Thanks for the good news …interesting

Same here Sean. Maybe NICK can get us a personal NACHI rep we can contact to get on their approved list?

NICK ???:wink:


have you got anywhere with fannie mae loan inspection
if so who did you contact


Home inspector credentials are in the news up here in Canada today.

Here is an excerpt from my blog:


The news is that the Canadian Standards Association is partnering with the National Home Inspector Certification Council to add a new home inspector designation to the pile. The NHI or National Home Inspector is another in the long list of possible routes to become a home inspector. At the moment there is only 500 inspectors with this designation across Canada. The theory is that NHI will become the designation of choice, but that remains to be seen, as it would require “processing” all the home inspectors in Canada who aren’t currently deemed NHI, most of whom already meet Provincial, National and even International home inspection qualification standards layed out by their respective organizing bodies.

What is the short story? What should I look for when it comes to home inspection credentials?

InterNachi is the largest and most reputable association of certified home inspectors in North America. They turn down more than 60% of the inspectors who want to join because they can’t pass the entrance exam. Then InterNACHI turns down 90% of those left because they can’t fulfill the strict membership requirements. Check out for more.

Is this still the correct info for inspecting Fannie Mae foreclosures

Is anyone still following this item?
And have you found how to get ahold of these servicers?

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