Fantastic marketing oportunity for any member who can arrange it. NACHI.TV

NACHI.TV is looking for an agent with a high-end listing that is not selling. We want someone to inspect it and have the seller put up a sign. We then want to come create a whole promo show on the property and run the show online. We want the agent to give us a tour of the home on NACHI.TV telling us about all the amenities just as if she were showing it to a potential buyer. It will be a short movie to help promote the home. The production and hosting is all free and the agent can link to it so that it becomes a 24/7 open house online. We will of course mention the inspector, his contact information, and that the home is MoveInCertified.

If you know an agent who would like to participate in this, end up with awesome publicity for herself, and promote her listing… let me know. I suspect that it would do her real estate business a lot of good to have her listing promoted in this way.

No charge.

We’ll also talk to the inspector too (if you want).

The house has to be nice, the seller must be willing to be MoveInCertified, and the agent must be willing to show the home to our cameras. The seller should stage the home for the show so that it looks great and be on hand to help us include all the best features of the home.

Present this idea to some of your agents carrying high-end inventory.


Would you come to Beaufort SC, we have a plenty of 1-4 million dollar homes? If so I will run it by a few high end realtors mon/tues and get back with you on Wed’s.


I’ll check with our CDA area agents!


I need more information about this new marketing thing…

If the HVAC system stops working and the buyer discovers the problem during the “move in” what happens?

Since it is “move in certified” I would think someone other than the buyer would be paying for the repair right?

Keep in mind that the home warranties do not always pay and have a $75 per service call included in the fine print.

If each inspector provides the 120 day home warranty with their inspection,
it would help cover some things like that. American Home Warranty
covers repairs with no deductible.

John are you being paid to push these warranties of dubious value?

I think I have just the guy. I will let you know.

I have heard good report from inspectors who have seen them pay
claims to their clients. If the client gets paid, then that is one less thing
that they can go after me for.

But, I would take a little pay, if someone would offer me some. :mrgreen:

I have two agents on Long Island that are interested Nick, let me know.


I know a couple down here in Key West and some of the other Keys that may be willing to do this, I will let you know.

I informed members of the RE community around here, and got flooded with responses. I must have sent about 30 in to HQ so far!

Truly, a great marketing tactic. Just the fact that so many jumped on the possiblility, created more interest in me as an Inspector

When I announced it at the Bd of Rltrs meeting the other day, a non-NACHI inspector visibly wilted in his seat.

Poor guy . . .

I have a friend who has a + $700K home that was on the market for 3 months and has just been taken off the market. He would be happy to help.( by the way, I’ve already inspected it if you want to see the report)
Earl Beahm
Atlanta Chapter President

We have a home here that has been on the market for two years that overlooks the Marina and will be a part of the upcoming resort community. I will check with the listing agent and see if he wants to get on board with this as well. It’s a million dollar listing also.