Fantasy Football Bowl Madness Challenge

All NACHI members,

You are invited to take part in this Fantasy College Football Pick’Em. The challenge is to pick the winners in all 32 Bowl Games and then rank them on how sure you are your choice will win.

To accept this invitation, just follow this LINK.

Here is the Group information.

Group ID# 40760
Password crawlspace

The Gaunlet has been thrown down. Are you sports saavy enough to take the challenge?

Good luck to all.

I would do it but I am not into College Ball.

Cluck cluck cluck. Is that a Christmas chicken I hear…:mrgreen:

Thanks Stephen!

I signed up.

Believe it or not, first game is tomorrow the 20th. Get your picks in quick.


come on people

Okay I’m in.

Buckeyes fans dont count…lmao


First game starts today ata 9:00pm Eastern Time. Get your picks in before that. Come on people, there has to be more College sports fans. It’s free, doesn’t cost you anything except the few minutes to make your picks.

I have no confidence in my picks or in the points I assigned them, but this will be fun anyway!! :smiley:

I have not watched a college game all year … but my picks are in.

What is a Nittany Lion.
Let me think October 27th did the Buckeyes count then.

By the way I think they’ll win their bowl.


Im on a comeback!


All comes down to tonight.

Good luck guys!