Fast Trax® Red Residential Code

Greetings Folks -

Some you may or may not remember me. My name is Paul Abernathy and I just wanted to share our programs with you folks.

If you find yourself needing to learn Residential Electrical Codes, knowing that HI’s should not quote the NEC, check out our Fast Trax® RED Program at or visit and click the Fast Trax Tutorial Button.

Just wanted to stop by and also say HI…Stay Safe Friends


I remember you Paul, you are smarter than the average bear :grinning: (understatement)

Morning, Paul. Hope this post finds you well.
Happy New Year!

Paul, it is hard to forget the good ones, to which you are one of…

I joined your Electrical Code Academy. Wonderful learning tool and much more.
Thank you for posting and Paul, don’t be a stranger…

Keep well friend.
Best regards.
Robert Young’s Montreal Home Inspection Services Inc CEO, Robert Young.

Thank you Paul!

There I used to be a picture on the InterNACHI website of you and me talking at the 2007 InterNACHI convention in Toronto. That 15 years sure went by fast.