Father Admits To Growing Marijuana And Giving It To His Kids

According to reports, on Monday, at around 4:15 p.m., Drug Enforcement Administration agents executed a search warrant at a home in the 3300 Block of Barge Street in Yakima. It has been reported that during the raid, federal DEA agents confiscated about 67 marijuana plants, a digital scale, baggies filled with marijuana, and some medical marijuana cards.

Allegedly, Troy Mallard Craig confessed to police that he had been cultivating marijuana plants for approximately two years and that had been administering the product to all of his children, ages 2, 5, and 7. Reportedly, Craig informed the police that two of his children possess medical marijuana cards which are reportedly required for individuals who use the drug for the treatment of terminal or debilitating illnesses.

Craig has also allegedly admitted to the DEA that he had been providing marijuana to several of his acquaintances in lieu of “donations” of approximately $200 an ounce. Federal agents arrested Craig and he was reported to have appeared in Federal Court before U.S. Magistrate James Hutton, on Tuesday. It has also been reported that a hearing has been set for Friday to set bail.

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I wonder if any of those DEA agents smoke cigarettes indoors where children could be exposed to their carcinogenic.

I understand that one can buy a whole lot of weasels with that.

What a moron. He just lost custody of his children. Wait…this is in California? Might be OK.

Weed is legal here, but you have to be 18. Oddly though, the bars are still permitted to have parking spaces in front of them.

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How does it relate to Home Inspection ? and the poster offers no commentary.

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I believe that’s in WA. Yakima is at least. You can legally, with a card, grow up to 15 plants in WA. Four adults living together could be growing 60 plants legally and selling to dispensaries. You don’t need to have a debilitating or life threatening illness either. Back pain will do. Interesting how many are currently spending multiple years in prison for something basically anyone can freely partake in right now.

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The US drug laws are in a state of flux right now. Can we really expect to win the war on drugs when they are more readily available and cheaper with every passing year? And another thing, where is the mother in this situation? No matter what your stance on the issue, NO two year old should be administered THC by their parent. Their is no excuse for this. None. Two years old?! A stage one narcotic at two years old? Lock him up, if for nothing else than being a ridiculously awful parent!