Faucet problem

Has anyone else experienced this problem with this model of faucet? This is the second time I turned the tub faucet on to check operation and it froze in the “full on” position. I had to shut off the main and I offered to wait for the plumber to arrive both times, but the sellers and their agents absolved em of responsibility.

Both times, I was told afterward that the tub had not been used for several months or possibly years.

Is this a known flaw in this style faucet? Or am I doing something wrong?


Could be due to age, it could also be due to mineral build up which dislodged when turned on, or an O-ring problem?

I have that exact style. Is was here when I bought the place 8 years ago and have never had a problem with it.

It could even be a copper spur that has found its way into the stem cartridge.

I have some photos of the cartridge at this thread


Hope it helps.

Today I found the same faucet model but the problem was that it there was no hot water flow. The knob was not engaging the hot water valve.

It’s not that I have problems with it every time, but it seems that the age or lack of use has something to do with it. I asked both realtors for the description of what the plumber fixed so I know for future use to ask about frequency of use and issue some warnings.

Thanks for the feedback.


I have seen the same issue with those valves, basically they are junk.