Faux stone FAILURE in progress!


A couple of the right tools sure would help it stick better if they were used right!




The scarfire/scratcher is the preferred tool for the job but the notched trowel will do the same job and help keep it the same depth!

Sure helps the Faux stone/glorified finish stick to the scratch cote and lath!


Kickouts preferably the DRYFLEKT if not then one with sealed/folded seams that will kick the water out into the gutters and not down the face of the cladding sure would help a lot too!

In this set of installation videos what do you see used for scratching/notching the wall so the stone will adhere better?


And in the pictures that are in the links do you see any scratch cote or kickouts,weepscreed,casing/66 bead around all of the edges for the backer rod and sealant joint?

And the windows and FAUX wood trim are also improperly installed.