Faux Window Trim Flashing

Here’s another defect you won’t find if you only inspect from the ground.

You mean you walked the roof?? :wink: Good find!


It’s a good point Mr. Evans.
I would spot it on the ground thought.

**A **represents what it should look like. A 2 piece flashing detail. I have seen one piece Z but its not recommended.
The 2 piece is easy to bend on a break.
The upper pice is close to the siding color.The botom piece the color of the frame.

**B **represents what it should look like at the top board intersection.

**C **represents the material. Normally it is a colored aluminum the same color as the frame and siding. Galvinized always makes my hair stand up in the back of my neck.
The less caulk the better the flashing deatial…

Thank you.
Great tip.

Weather, shear and a wall opening un caulked is a defect allowing possible gallons of water inside the walled cavity.

It is normally installed in 2 pieces… an L and an Z.

The l goes under the hard board siding and the Z is the starter piece.

the starter piece is the color of the frame with the L the color or the hard board.

Tough climb through the window ? lol

side note is that Hardi board ?

I guess they are not just in Kansas


they walk among us

Got any pictures where the trim goes over the roof to wall intersection at the bottom of the window?